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Application and Submission Instructions

Please complete entire application in English. Please answer all questions as completely as possible. Any misstatement on this form may result in disqualification from the program. If you have any questions about the application, please contact us and our staff members will help you through the process.

Take a big leap: apply for our Agriculture Incubation program, Get employed!


Applicants are expected to apply for the our program by filling out the form


Upon the completion of the application, screening will be carried out and applicants are expected to attend. The screening will be to identify the truly passionate youths as this program is focused on the youths with passion for agriculture throughout Agriculture Value chain. Only successful candidates here will be selected to proceed to the next step.


At this stage, successful candidates will be taken through three (3) months full time intensive practical training sessions. During this period, participants will be allotted mini plots on which they will be carrying out their planting. Mentors will be on ground to train them and provide help and answers to every question they may ask. The incubation stage will cover key drivers of agribusinesses: Business planning, agricultural marketing, technology, laws, farm management, pre and post-harvest handling, pre and post planting management and Opportunities across the agriculture value chain.

After this incubation program, successful candidates will be promoted to the next stage.


At this stage, successful candidates will be provided employment in a value chain of agriculture.

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